It means labyrinth or zigzag. Located 2km from Cusco, this temple
dedicated to Mother Earth, is a unique center of celebrations and
astronomical studies. It has numerous ceremonial carvings, holes
and canals cut into the rock. One of its features is a semi-natural
underground chamber. Limestone formation intricately carved
with depictions of mythical beings, as well as winding underground
passageways and semicircular amphitheater. This waka was used
for ceremonies to Mother Earth and Heaven. It is a Temple of the
Living Light, ceremonial altar and main spiritual center. Dedicated
to the Puma, the vibrant vortexes are some of the most powerful
for initiates. This archaeological complex is situated 2 km
northwestern Cusco (10 minutes by car). Q’enko or “labyrinth” is
considered a holy place where ceremonies honoring the Sun,
Moon, and the stars used to take place.

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