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Mother Earth gives life to human being, she is the sublime divinity in our world. The Pachamama taught us to love everything unconditionally. She showed us that work was one of the highest virtues, because if we build with love in our work, then we become sages. Pachamama gave us these teachings of life to help us grow. She gave us the MUNAY, the YANKAY and the YACHAY. Humanity does not need other laws or commandments, because LOVE (MUNAY) makes us conscious of what is SERVICE, which should always be the VICE OF THE BEING, since the sense of Service is the consciousness of reciprocity or WORK… And you can be sure that LOVE and WORK (YANKAY), will lead us to the superior consciousness of KNOWLEDGE (YACHAY). We also know that Pachamama is Mother of all purification, cleansing and pardon. We have now begun a new era, and in this era of light, all brothers and sisters are welcome. Let’s allow Wiraqocha to touch our Inner Sun so that through the emergence of conscious love within, we may be beings of this new era.

Through all this time period, the Andean people were united by one common spirit; always honoring the Earth as their Mother. This is why we have found in many of their material remains a symbolic and ideological continuity transcending time and space. These seeds, which germinated in various cultures of the Andes, gave their fruits so
the Children of the Moon and the Sun could harvest them, and in their turn, they planted new seeds in order to form the great empire of the Tawaintisuyu.

Andean geography is totally different from that of many lands of the World which is mostly linear or horizontal. Here in the Andes, the people often perceived the limits of the horizon in the shape of a mountain peak, of a deep valley, of the Amazon forest’s green coat, of the desert’s sands or the sea’s deep blue color. These great perspective differences made the Andean people’s evolution onthological rather than linear reflecting the whole rhythmic aspect of their surrounding ecosystem. The presence of the mountains maintained the light that shone within them, thus turning them into
Children of the Moon and the Sun and turning their nation into a Solar Culture.

According to the Andean Cosmovision we are now in a new Pachakuti, a time of transition and great changes. Our generation and that of our children will be the instruments for the creation of this new world, respecting each living entity, raising the banner of the rainbow, so as to become the conscious life example for our human brothers and sisters.

As the Great Initiated put it, “What good does a religious life serve, if the legacy of that life, through the actions and deeds of a companion, is a Hell? The greatest achievements in Life are those that leave the most beloved part of you on the road to fulfillment and freedom.”

At the initial stage of a one-to-one relationship of a couple, everything works out marvelously. “Love nourishes us, we eat less, sigh constantly, one’s skin and complexion transforms, becomes soft and we think of our lover at every instant.” This is the reality, for the majority of people, when they enter into a relationship, to seek in each other qualities that they do not possess themselves or at least fail to recognize within them—love and caring—apart from the emotional dependences upon which they place their expectations.

As time passes, they accommodate themselves to the relationship and it, in turn, chills, transforming them into virtual strangers. The differences and complaints arise next as a result of what they had conceived within their expectations. There are certainly exceptions, particularly so in the case of more wholesome relationships in which both grow, renewing themselves and maintaining their unity. Both are involved in activities of inner and personal self-improvement, are flexible to changes and agree to share whatever each one gets from the relationship. It is from this premise that love becomes a daily and self-generating experience, expanding with every passing moment. Mutual consent and support are the principal source of input enabling dialogue to play the part of intermediary contributing to this process of creation.

Poetry expresses sentiments and feelings that evoke romantic part of a relationship. It is an important ingredient of love, a stimulus that motivates dreams, the expression of oneself in verse and song that should never cease to be or disappear.

The individual may indeed grow alone without a partner, it is an option of life. However, it is important to activate one’s sexual energy, which is the most powerful in the Universe, insofar as human experience is concerned. For, this energy will assist us to ply the most unfathomable oceans of our reality. We all posses given percentages of the opposite sex and our planet, with its polarities is the master of equilibrium. This is why it is “of the essence” to discover what the Sages of all cultures taught regarding the energy of the Serpent, which in the Eastern wisdom is referred to as the force of Kundalini.

Our passage through this world, at different times and eras, registers in our genetic code the experiences from those lives, whether good and bad. It is up to each person, depending on their level of enlightenment, to gradually cleanse their karmic links with family, culture and society. Aside from this DNA process, the individual is also affected by the setting of the time, which likewise creates habits and customs that are then influenced by education and direct family influence. This last, perhaps, is the most difficult of all to overcome, since it permeates deeply within each individual, all the more so if that individual has not devoted any work to his or her inner self. The nature of this influence is such that few manage to achieve leadership over the members of their family. All of this does not imply that a person should sever these links, quite the opposite. These ties are decided within another dimension, since families are our first teachers and we should honor them, especially so if they follow those rhythms of respect and freedom that one seeks.

When a person discovers true “freedom,” that person need no longer search outside themselves. Each one of their cells will express that reality, transforming that person into a genuine emissary of love.

In all societies persons move, change jobs, have relationships, marry and/or flee from the home that suckled them in order to feel free. But if they haven’t mastered their inner self, this freedom will represent but a mere excuse, for only within ourselves do we find satisfaction. When we are internally free, we are willing to share with someone else our ultimate profound self, without demands or dependences; and that is the path to authenticity. Love is the most intense experience of freedom and liberation of the self. A valid reason to follow what a contemporary Sage taught: “Make not love, let love make you.” This is the real way.

There will come the moment to discover that it is not necessary to seek in another that which exists within yourself. Then, vain expectations perish and the path of self-awareness will lead us along the eternal way of BEING.

The search for the genuine Self is one of the most difficult quests, since this Self has to be confronted in the process. To breach the barriers of society constitutes a formidable challenge and many individuals, sometimes through family complacency, make of their lives a veritable Drama. By that, I do not mean to imply that one must live alone to avoid confrontations, nor that one should live with someone else in particular throughout their entire life, for these are society’s standards. What I am implying is that we should be authentic to our hearts’ desire.  Bear in mind that everyone’s life can be different and it all depends on each person’s decision to grow, create and enjoy.

Pachamama Journeys offers a variety of magic adventures where for some will represent the encounter of their soul and freely connect with the beautiful soul waiting for complete the cycle of the unique experience which is life on Earth.

Join us in our shamanic retreats and be open to change what it is needed in your life.

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