Pachamama and Isis
A Calling of the Heart in Egypt
February 17-March 4`, 2015

-February 17 Tuesday: Your travel day to Cairo. Flight not included

-February 18 Wednesday (Day 1): ARRIVE IN CAIRO, EGYPT
We will be greeted by our Egyptian friend Mohamed who will expedite our arrival at the airport through customs. Overnight Cairo.

-February 19 Thursday (day 2) GIZA PLATEAU, SPHINX, PYRAMIDS
Your first morning in Egypt!  We’ll visit the Giza Plateau and Sphinx… The  primary pyramids are (1) Khufu’s ~ appears smaller than
Khafre’s because it is built on higher ground ~ consists of a subterranean chamber, queen’s chamber and king’s chamber
which is the object of on going controversy with its monolithic sarcophagus made of pink granite; (2) Khafre ~ near the top are the
remaining original casing stones ~ “burial” chamber is just below ground level with a plain red granite sarcophagus; (3) Menkaure ~
about half the size of the other two ~ a basalt sarcophagus was found but was lost at sea while being  transported  to England.
Sphinx ~ much has been written and there are innumerable interpretations – let your heart be your guide! ~ note the Tuthmosis IV’
s dream stela between the paws ~ conservation work has been done to both the Sphinx and the Sphinx temple.  Back to hotel.
Overnight Cairo. (B)

-February 20 (day 3) SAQQARA
Today we travel through the Egyptian countryside enjoying the scenery as we travel on to Saqqara ~ the grand step-pyramid
complex is magnificent and continues as a source of discoveries. The entire complex consists of the pyramid, entry colonnade, south
tomb, south/north pavilion, and mortuary temple and west mounds. The step-pyramid may be the oldest stone bld. in the world. Was
created by Imhotep – architect, doctor, sage, astronomer, high priest and visionary.  We will have lunch at the Blue Lotus, a charming,
family run experience very aptly named. Then onto Memphis ~ old capital of the old kingdom of which little remains but it is noted for its giant statue of Ramses II.  Back to hotel.    Overnight  Train  (BD)

-February 21 (Day4) LUXOR
Early morning arrival to the magical city of Luxor in Upper Egypt. Transfer to you hotel, check in and some time to relax before our
afternoon tour of the East Bank.  We will travel down the Avenue of the Rams to reach the Temple of Karnack. This temple boasts many multiple temples, obelisks, great gates and the famous hypostyle hall. We will also come face-to-face with the lion goddess
Sehkmet.    Karnack is the largest temple complex in Egypt and demonstrates the religious significance of the area in ancient
times.    Then it’s on to visit Luxor Temple to feel its mystery and magic. The Temple of Luxor (also referred to as the Temple of Man)
was constructed almost entirely during the 18th Dynasty by Amenhotep and Ramses II. Major religious ceremonies were held
here during seasonal celebrations, processions moved between Luxor and Karnack. Return to your hotel for a free evening.  Overnight
Luxor (B)

-February 22 Sunday (Day 5) VALLEY OF THE KINGS
An early morning start takes us across the Nile to the West Bank where we will visit the Valley of the Kings, Hatshepsut Temple, and
Habu Temple.  Valley of the Kings – the tombs that we will visit will depend on which ones are currently open.  We will have the
opportunity to experience three different sites.    Deir Al-Bahari The Temple of Hatshepsut ~ The female pharaoh ruled Egypt for 20
years (18th Dynasty) – this spectacular temple is partially free- standing and partially rock-cut.  All three terraces are open and
reconstruction is still continuing.  There are two small chapels – on the south dedicated to the goddess Hathor and the other dedicated
to Anubis.  Medinet Habu – the mortuary temple of Ramses III (1184- 1153BC). An unusual feature is the entrance to the temple which
was constructed in the form of a Syrian fortress – the temple became a place of security during unsettled times.  The painted carved reliefs are particularly well preserved. Colossi of Memnon – photo opportunity – nearby “Colossi” temple is being excavated. The
afternoon is free to relax or visit the Luxor Museum if you choose. Overnight Luxor

-February 23 Monday (Day 6) ABYDOS
Morning bus through the beautiful countryside to Abydos, the temple dedicated to Osiris and one of Ancient Egypt’s
most sacred sites.  Original construction began by Seti I and completed by his son Ramses II. (The Ramses’ reliefs
are cut deeply into the stone and Seti’s are delicate raised reliefs.)  The layout of the building was basis of the
numbers 2 and 7 – 2 pylons, 2 courtyards, 2 hypostyle halls, 7 doors, 7 bays leading to 7 chapels.  Look for the “mystery”
reliefs in the main hall ceiling – helicopter, tank, airplanes???  This complex is the featured Temple in the
book Omm Sety. West of the temple is the Osirion – an underground complex representing the tomb of Osiris.  Due
to the water levels the Osirion is not accessible – however, the flowers of life can be seen on one of the pylons.  This is
an awesome complex and one which should be experienced with the heart as well as the eyes.
On to the Hathor Temple at Dendara. This sacred site is home to the gorgeous temple plus remains of 2 lesser
shrines, the sacred lake, small Isis Chapel. /Temple, and an excellent statue of the God Bes. (Bes was the dwarf God
that frightened away evil spirits, was an ally to children and women in childbirth.)  Here Hathor was venerated as the
divinity of the cosmos in which life takes form ~ also known as the goddess of love and source of joy for all living
creatures.  Hathor’s name also means Temple of Horus (Horus being her consort.)     The ceiling of the hypostyle
hall is painted with cosmic scenes – heaven is represented by the Goddess Nut.  Nut swallows the sun each evening
and gives birth to it each morning.  Below the temple are 12 crypts on three levels – this represents the underworld and
was also where ceremonial treasures were kept.  The roof chapel dedicated to Osiris features the celebrated zodiac
calendar. The sacred lake probably was used for the presentation of mystery plays and ceremonies relating to
the union of Hathor and Horus. The Temple of Hathor is frequently called the Temple of Dreams!
Return to Luxor and board our beautiful cruise boat. Free evening.  Overnight Cruise Boat (D)

-February 24  Tuesday (Day 7) NILE RIVER
Today is pure magic as we set sail for our journey up the famous and mysterious Nile River.  We will enjoy a free day
to relax on the beautiful deck in sun or shade and watch our ancient homeland unfold its magic. Overnight Cruise Boat
(BLD) carriage to the spectacular temple dedicated to the celestial god Horus – represented by the
falcon whose wings symbolize the extension of the cosmos.  This is a remarkably well preserved
temple and the largest dedicated to Horus. This is a powerful and resonating place full of magic and
male energy.  Set sail to Esna ~ primary deity is Khnum, the ram headed god, creator who
modeled every animal and plant at his potter’s wheel. Heka the god of “magic” was worshipped
as a secondary god to Khnum.  This temple is located below street level. The visit to this temple
will depend on the timing of passing through the locks. Then we set sail and go through the
famous locks to visit  Kom Ombo – dedicated to Horus the falcon god and Sobek the crocodile
god. This is the only Egyptian temple dedicated to duality – the left side dedicated to light and the
right to dark – also represents the second chakra, the sexual chakra.  The building itself consists of
two entrances, two corridors, dual passages, and the inner sanctuary is divided into two shrines Site
of the crocodile initiation. Overnight Cruise Boat (BLD)

-February 26 Friday (Day 9) ASWAN
Continue our sail on to the magical city of Aswan,
home to the beautiful and gracious Nubian
people.  After lunch and docking, we will take a
ferry to Isis Temple – a breathtaking temple
located on the Island of Philae – saved from high
dam flooding the buildings were completely
moved between 1972-80   Hathor was also
honored here (just as Isis is at Dendara) – the
worship of Isis continued long after the intro of
Christianity – about 570 AD a Catholic church was
established on the site. Overnight Boat  (BLD)

-February 27 Saturday (Day 10) ABU SIMBEL
Check out of our wonderful cruise boat and
transfer to the beautiful Basma Hotel.  Today there
is an optional day tour to Abu Simbel (US $200
flight) or US$50 by Mini Van. This is the Temple of
Rameses II and is the mot impressive temple of
all due partially to its remote setting on Lake
Nassar.  There is an afternoon excursion for those
remaining to sail on a traditional felucca to visit
Elephantine Island and the Botanical Gardens.
Overnite Aswan (B)

-February 28  Sunday (Day 11) ASWAN
Free morning to discover Aswan and its quaint
and fun Spice Bazaar and shopping then transfer
to our overnight train for our return to Cairo.
Overnight Train (BD)

-March 1 Sunday (Day 12) CAIRO
Arrive Cairo where we will transfer back to our
hotel to rest and relax. Then onto an afternoon visit
to the Egyptian Museum – over 100 rooms
containing the largest collection of Egyptian
antiquities in the world. –   Two exhibits worth
viewing are the famous King Tutankhamen gallery
and the Akhenaton room.  The museum is always
crowded so take a deep breath and enjoy the
experience.  The bookstore is quite good and
reasonably priced.  . (Private evening visit to Great
Pyramid) Overnight Cairo (B)

-March 2 Monday (Day 13) CAIRO
Full day to visit to the Islamic and Coptic Cairo.
We will start with the Coptic area of Cairo where
the Romans constructed the fortress of Babylon
which is built over the ruins of two towers of the
fortress the church of St Mary or more commonly
know as the Hanging Church, followed by St
Sergius which is said to be the resting place for
the holy family. Then onto the Islamic area to visit
Al Hussein mosque, and Al Azhar mosque in
Khan El Khalili area and well as the famous Kahn
El Khalili Bazaar. Shopping and bargaining at its
best!  This is like entering another world – truly an
ancient sensation with the narrow winding
cobblestone walks, small shops overloaded with
goodies.  The Kahn is a journey unto itself.
Overnight Cairo (B)

-March 3 Tuesday (Day 14) CAIRO
A free day to enjoy Cairo yourself and finish your
shopping as you relax, pack and prepare for your
morning departure back home. Farewell dinner.
Overnight Cairo (B)

-March 4  Wednesday (Day 15) CAIRO/HOME
This is your travel day back to home.  Airport
transfer included.

TWIN accommodation)
SINGLE accommodation)
-Deposit US$ 800  Due by
December 10th, 2014
-Cost after December 10th is US$

*Price includes:
•    Entire Sacred sight journey
accompanied by Andean Archaeo-astronomer – Mallku
& Andean writer and Sacred Dancer –
Alanna Aisha.
•    Private group visit inside the Great
•    All ground transfers and
•    Nightly lodging in deluxe and five
star accommodations.
•    Meals as indicated in itinerary.
•    All entrance fees for all mentioned
•    Does not include international
airfare neither airport taxes.

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