The Archaeological Park of Tipon, a place of great water fountains,
is another one of the most important architectural complexes found
in Cusco. This old site is located 23 km.southeastern the Inka
capital at  3,600 meters above sea level (12,000 feet); the highest
area of the park is found at the gateway of Ranraq’asa above 3,900
meters (13,000 feet). It belongs to the district of Oropesa, province
of Quispicanchis in Cusco.

Historian Luis Antonio Pardo states that the real name of Tipon may
come from the Quechua word Timpuj which means “to be boiling”,
and it relates to the water flowing out of the fountains as if the liquid
was boiling. This name was recently made up since the original
name is not known.

Victor Angles holds that Tipon could have been the Royal House of
Yahuar Huaca, who retreated here after being defeated by the
Chancas. His son Wiracocha faced the Chancas and defeated
them, being crowned Inka instead of his father. Garcilaso de la
Vega wrote the following: “It was determined that the son, as most of
the court decided, would be the head of the kingdom; and to avoid
riots and civil wars, they made concessions to everything the prince

After it was agreed, they obtained a Royal House, between Muyna
gardens and other royal amusements for hunting and fishing. The
house was built close to the Yucay River. Angles assumes that the
place identified by Garcilaso is Tipon. The Watanay River passes
close to Tipon and two small rivers flow out of it to surround the
complex. These could be the small rivers that the Garcilaso wrote

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