To speak of the Inkas progressing through their work of astronomical observations to create the spaces
necessary in which to bring about what I call ‘Solar Initiation’, means to follow up and experience these solar
manifestations. It is important also to verify that the evidences of light and shadow are not limited to a simple
linear projection, but that the line transforms and adopts clearly defined outlines of living beings, that in turn
undergo a metamorphosis, ultimately resulting in enlightenment.
Q’enqo is one of the entryways and paths to travel within this world of forms and, in the presence of the solar
evidence testify that our ancestors did show us at some given point, the way of transcendence. Solar initiation
is one of the paths indicated by the Andean Sages as one of the most relevant experiences as well as a
privilege reserved only for the chosen ones. In our present world, contemporary means of communication have
allowed for the recovery and popularization of many traditions. They have also served to transform others and
even create new conceptions regarding the traditions of past peoples. In the esoteric sense of life, it is
understood that an Initiation will necessarily create a substantial change in the life of an individual who
undergoes such an experience. The “initiation” presupposes not merely the modification of concepts but the
transformation of life toward values and sentiments of greater purity.
The level and degree of the initiate is for Masters only and there exists no price that can be paid for it. If and
when the moment arrives, the disciple opens his heart and sets his mind free, and he will receive the call of his
soul for this metamorphosis to occur. It is not man who initiates man into the higher states of sacredness, it is
the soul of the individual who recovers a quality of purity by means of the initiation. It is not by doing a course,
seminar or paid workshop that someone becomes master of his passions and weaknesses.
Rather, it is starting out with the freedom of intention and will to recognize oneself as a child of this world, fully
entitled to live in peace and harmony with one’s complete environment. One does not become an Initiate by
paying an instructor and receiving a mantra. A person undergoes Initiation because they are ready to accept
the beauty and richness of life and commune with it toward a higher world. Initiation is a right of our soul
On June 21st (Inti Raymi) on top of the upper sector of the waka of Q’enqo a unique phenomena can be
observed. In this place there also exists a wide variety of features and figures carved in situ, such as stairways,
altars, thrones, water channels, basins for water mirrors, walls, varieties of notches and fissures as well as
measuring and gauging devices like suqanqas, saywas or Intiwatana. The phenomenon that occurs in this
place is capable of creating appropriate conditions for solar initiations and astronomical tracking for purposes
of time measurement. At the same time, the manifestations of light and shadow undergo continuous changes,
the ultimate effect of which is to eventually integrate people with their immediate surroundings.

From the book: “Inka Power Places”
By Mallku

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