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ITINERARY: 11-21 Dec 2022

-DEC 11. Day 01. ARRIVE LIMA

Flight from home to Lima. Arrive Lima in the afternoon or in the night or very early next morning. Transfer to hotel for overnight, depending on your arrival time. Overnight Lima. The check-in at the hotel starts at 1pm, if you arrive earlier, please inform us.


Depart for our morning flight to Cusco. Reception at the airport and transportation to the Sacred Valley. On the way to our lodge we will stop at Chinchero and visit the amazing Earth Altar. Discover the Magic Hatun Chinkana of this initiatory center. This Waka or sacred place is as the Brain and with its vibration will permit to travel to the dimension of the soul, here we ask permission and participate in a ceremonial prayer for Mother Earth (Pachamama), safety in our travels, and our own personal wishes to enter to the magic Andes. We will spend the night in the Sacred Valley.  

In the morning we will explore the absolutely unique and ancient Inka center of Ollantaytambo, where the buildings still retain the original architecture of the Inkas. We will have an opportunity to enter into one of the homes and see how the people live in these ancient constructions. As we explore the vast temple complex adjacent to the village, we will engage in a meditation. Our climb to the top takes us to the Sun Temple, whose huge red porfire blocks were placed overlooking the fertile valley and the Willkamayu River. In the afternoon visit to Moray, a powerful Inka site with circular terraces that used to create exceptional conditions or micro climates that fostered domestication, acclimatization and hybridization of a wide array of wild vegetable species that were modified or adapted for human consumption. Here our Andean master guide will instruct us in walking exercises and a meditation with the energy of this amazing power spot.


In the morning we will have the train ride to the village of Aguas Calientes, arrival and we will visit the famed city of Machu Pijchu, named by Mallku as the Crystal City, the Rainbow City, the City of the Kondor and the Hummingbird, the City of Peace, and the City of Light. The legendary beauty of this magnificent city defies description. There are many trails and power sites to explore here, and we will have ample opportunity for ceremony to open to a deeper experience of the intrinsic magic of this amazing city and temples. Guided visit with esoteric insights on the various temples and power spots. Participate in inspiring spiritual ceremonies to enhance your connection with your divine self- a trans personal, transformational journey within. In the right time, we return on an afternoon train and bus to the Sacred Valley for overnight. 

We leave in the morning to visit the ancient Inka town of Pisaq. The entire mountain behind the village is considered an archaeological treasure, and for good reason. We are bussed several miles up to the top, from where we can hike downhill past ancient sites and burial grounds along an amazing trail with breathtaking views. We arrive to the Inka temples and observatories, we have a ceremony, then continue to a place where our bus has driven to meet us during one of the most beautiful walks in this region. After our ritual according to the time conditions we continue our trip and visit Tipon, an ancient agricultural site with many terraces and an intricate irrigation system that runs along the Temple of the Water. Tipon, a place of great water fountains, is another one of the most important architectural complexes found in Cusco vicinity. This old site is located 23 km. Southeast of the Inka capital at a height of 3,600 meters above sea level; the highest area of the park is found at the pass of Ranraq’asa above 3,900 meters. It belongs to the district of Oropesa, province of Quispicanchis in Cusco. In the afternoon, we will arrive to Cusco for overnight.
Visit to Amaru Machay, the Cave of the Serpents. Guided ceremonies at this powerful location; continue to Q’enqo, the sacred place of the Puma. Our specialist guide will show to you the magic of the ancestors and the esoteric wisdom of the heavens where astronomy was the base to understand a practical life as a way of meditation. Q’enqo means labyrinth or zigzag. Located near Cusco, this temple was dedicated to Mother Earth as a unique center of initiations and for ceremonies. It has numerous ceremonial carvings, holes and canals cut into the rock. One of its features is a semi-natural underground chamber. Limestone formation intricately carved with depictions of mythical beings, as well as winding underground passageways and semicircular amphitheater. Continue to Saqsaywaman, which is a huge, stunning site which holds the great house of the Sun, where the head of the Puma of Cusco resides. Its megalithic, zigzag stone walls were pieced together with amazing skill, drawing the Snake and other Andean symbols, like a lightening bolt across a great field. Saqsaywaman is located one kilometers from the city of Cusco, the immense walls of the complex made up of huge stones distributed in a zigzag pattern in three platforms. These platforms are connected by flights of stairs and doorways also in stone; one of these is 2ft tall and 15ft wide and weighs more than 100 tons. The largest stone block found in Saqsaywaman stands 27.88ft high and weighs 130 tons. Together with the city of Cusco, this monumental complex is one of the new seven wonders of the world. This huge construction was planned and built by Andean masters. The Inkas called it the House of the Sun. The construction, which is made up of three platforms one on top of the other, was one of the most important spiritual centers at the Andes dedicated to the Sun, the Moon and the Stars. Over night in Cusco. 

Day trip by bus to Puno visiting sacred sites along the way as the magnificent Temple of Wiraqocha, a unique place to give a high vision of the abundance and qualifications to grow as human beings where spirit and body need to be in harmony; this temple was built by Inka Wiraqocha in homage to the Superior Invisible Being of Andean people: “Apu Kon Titi Wiraqocha”. There is a presently extinguished volcano “Kinsach’ata” and a great quantity of dried lava (volcanic rock) around the area.. The route will take us through mountains and valleys in a great contrast of landscapes and villages. We will arrive at our hotel in Puno in the late afternoon. Puno City is located in the Southeast corner of Peru, on the shores of the magnificent Lake Titikaka and only 126km from the frontier with Bolivia. At 3,850 m in altitude, Puno is a melting pot of Andean cultures including the Aimara from the South and Quechua from the North. This has earned Puno the title of ‘Folkloric Capital of Peru’ which it lives up to well with its huge number and variety of traditional fiestas, dances and music. (DINNER)

This morning we cross the highest navigable lake in the world to the island of Amantani. The spirit of the island will led us in a Power Offering for Pachamama. Amantani Island is located 38 km from the city of Puno, 3,810 meters above sea level, 3,5 hours by motorboat. Amantani is a beautiful island with warm and hospital inhabitants. Its greatest attraction is based on the social, ethnic and archaeological aspects. Among its most important and well-known places are the temples of Pachatata and Pachamama dedicated to the cult of the Earth. From there on you can have an excellent panoramic view of the lake, as well as a view of the oriental mountain range and the Bolivian side with its mountain range. This night we share with the locals and stay in their homes. (LUNCH + DINNER)

Early in the morning we ascend to the temples of Pachatata and Pachamama where we present our offering to Pachamama and to life; these temples represent the evidence of the high wisdom of the Andean ancestors and due to its isolation is still preserved even in our time, the scenery is gorgeous and experiment this island is one of the greatest memories. After some lunch we boat back to the continent and will have our transportation to Puno and have a free afternoon. (LUNCH)

Today we discover the ancient AIMARA altars as we walk the sacred path on the Magical Serpent and explore the Ajayu Marka, a dimensional world with its doors. Continue to Charkas for a salutation to the spirit of Titikaka and at the end of the afternoon, meditation with the energy of Fertility to balance our own frequencies. In the right time return to Puno for overnight. (PICNIC LUNCH)

Morning visit to the Andean Taj Majal at Sillustani, another sacred site for our closing ritual and circle; Sillustani is an ancient burial ground near lake Titikaka. The tombs are built above the ground, and with deep symbolism. The ancient people in Peru believed in a Mother Earth that created and regulated life. When a person died, they arranged in the fetal position, just like they came into the world. The doors of the tombs face East, because that is where the Sun illuminates every day. In the right time transfer to the airport for our flight to Lima. If you are flying out that night, you will be taken directly to the international departure at the airport. If your flight is the next day, you will be transferred to your hotel in Lima for that night. 

21.12 Solstice: Coming into our own as eternal children of Heaven and Earth; Celebration and Thanksgiving for the fulfillment of the sacred journey.

-US$ 3,150  (In double occupancy) 
*ADDITIONAL PRICE: US$ 625 (In single accommodation) 

*1st payment NON refundable in PAYPAL of US$ 1,500 or BANK DEPOSIT (ask for bank account)

*2nd payment: US$ 700

Open the link below to proceed:

*3rd payment will be at your arrival in Cusco-Peru.


*All transportation and visits with entrance fees. 
*Accommodation in hotels 3*** with daily breakfast, with the exception of Amantani Island which is at the houses of inhabitants.  
*Company of expert guides in Andean culture. 
*Meditations, ceremonies and shamanic experiences. 
*All services in private for the group formed for this itinerary (people from all over the world). 
*06 meals along the trip.

*International flights. 
*Domestic flights from LIMA-CUSCO & JULIACA-LIMA (Approx. US$ 250 -350 per person total)
*Meals beside the 06 announced. 
*Tips (Suggested US$ 100 per person).
*Personal expenses.
*Other not mentioned 
-Note: The program can be modified if natural or political events will obligate, but we will follow the spirit of the original itinerary. 
-We suggest to bring an international medical insurance.

I am entirely responsible for my personal safety, health, and well-being during the journey. I hold the Tour Organizers harmless for anything that might happen to me or to my possessions on this Tour. I understand that no health insurance or travel insurance will be provided by the Tour organizers, and, if I wish to be insured, I have to do this myself. I have read and understand the foregoing Tour Participant. 


Alanna is an expert in body techniques, through the dance and meditation she teaches women and men to release mental and body blocks, using our body, mind and spirit to achieves our goals.

She is the director of “Pachamama Journeys” and lives in the Andes, in Cusco, near the great Inka city of Machu Picchu and uses the magical scenery of this land to teach about the Andean shamanic path and to enjoy beauty and freedom through dance.

A trip with Alanna and her team at the Andes, will change your life.

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