In this archaeological site one may find concentric
agricultural terraces, some as deep as 150 meters. This “
Navel of the Earth” is thought to be a large agricultural
laboratory where the Inkas created different micro-climates
to grow a large variety of crops. Here we may perform a
metamorphosis ritual, attuning our body/mind with electro-
magnetic energy from the Earth Navel. An important fact of
the Inka’s technology was that its works harmonize perfectly
with nature.

They used the natural forces; they mastered hydraulic
engineering, and knew the use of the earth. For instance,
thanks to the “andenerías” (agricultural circular terracing)
system, they could sow in abrupt places and avoid the
erosion. The attractiveness of this area can be distinguished
for its impressive landscape (nature and big snowy
mountains), pleasant climate, fertile lands with abundant
water, megalithic cultural evidences, people and its traditions.

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