Capital: The city of Lima
Altitude: 150 m.a.s.l.
Distance: • Lima to Arequipa 1.009 kilometers
• Lima to Trujillo 557 kilometers
• Lima to Cuzco 1.155 kilometers
• Lima to Tacna 1.295 kilometers

Lima is the capital of Peru, and it used to be the capital of the richest
Spanish viceroyalty of South America. It is one the most important
cities in Peru. It is a political, economical and cultural center.

It is located on the central coast of the country off the Pacific Ocean.

¿How to arrive?

Lima is the entrance gate to Perú. You can arrive by airline; the
International Airport Jorge Chávez is considered one of the most
important aerial connection places with the main cities of the World.
You will find a varied offer of airline fares and routes.

By land, Lima city is connected with all the seashore cities via the
Panamericana highway and with Ecuador to the north and Chile to the
south. The central, the marginal and the penetration highways
connect the city with the mountain ranges and tropical rainforests.
By sea,  Lima has The Callao Port, the most important of the country.
Huge vessels and  cruises arrive in the Callao Port.


Lunahuaná Adventure Sports Festival (February)
Along the festival canoeing championships, paragliding, trekking, free
gliding, mountain bike, fishing, trawling takes place.
Señor de los Milagros (October)
It is a huge procession with large presence of pilgrims from all over
South America, which travel to thank and honor the “Cristo Morado”,
with chants and praises while the carved  image is carried upon
shoulders through the main avenues in the City Centre.
Touristy attractions
Lima city has a wide variety of tourism interest places:

Lima City Centre

On January 18, 1535 the Spanish conqueror Francisco Pizarro, along
with twelve companions, founded the city of Lima in the largest and
most central valley of the Peruvian coast. It was first called “City of the

It is interesting to visit:

– The House of Government: The House of Francisco Pizarro
– The Cathedral of Lima
– The Arzobispal Palace.
– San Cristobal Hill
– The Convent of “Los Descalzos” (The barefeet)
– Huaca Pucllana, also known as “Juliana”
– Reducto Park

Reducto Park, which reminds the miraflorinos (Miraflores Citizens ) the
Battle that took place in this district on January 15, 1881.
The Redoubt No. 2 was represented by Colonel Andrés Avelino
Cáceres Dorregaray until they ran out of ammunition.

Peruvian soldiers in the strongholds defended bravely, but being
aware that the fight was ursormountable and inhumane to overcome
addede to the lack of ammunition, and hope and the inevitable
withdrawn of reinforcements,  retreat was ordered leading to the
defeat by the Chilean troops.

This is one of the scenarios of the Pacific War being declared a
national heritage of heroism where an altar or the Motherland has
been erected.

With Beautiful gardens, filledwith thousands of roses, it ranks as the
largest park of roses in Peru.

Every Sunday the ceremony of hoisting the National Flag takes place
by people and institutions invited to the district and the capital.

– The City Hall
– The Parroquial Church
– Alfredo Salazar Park
– The Park of Love
– Larco Mar Mall
– The Waikiki and Miraflores beach.

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