Chinchero, called “El Pueblo del Arco Iris” (the town of the
rainbow), is high up on a spectacular place, around 12,000
feet(3,600 m.a.s.l.) above sea level, with tremendous views of the
Urubamba mountain range as well as the majestic Salkantay
mountain that reaches almost 19,000 ft.(5,800 m.a.s.l) Chinchero is
halfway between the Sacred Valley and Cusco, northwestern
Cusco, at 28 km. (17.4 miles). The town of Hispanic architecture is
built upon old Inkan constructions. Its people are very conservative
in terms of Andean traditions, wearing picturesque clothing. Also
outstanding textile crafts (crafts as well as local produce).

There is a spectacular view of the valley and beautiful Andean
landscapes surround the town, outstanding the beauty of the
snowy mountains Chicon and Veronica of the Mountain Range of
Urubamba. There is a spectacular altar in Chinchero, as well as
ceremonial places consecrated to Mother Earth (Pachamama).

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