“Pachamama Journeys, the Path of Beauty”,  is joined to a “great purpose” of life, the essence of this is communion with all beings of good will on this Earth. We feel that states of harmony on the planet Earth are the result of an arduous and constant lifetime of communication with our inner world. Life and its different states (material and spiritual) is for human being to experience, and it is in these areas of life that the “Sacred Journeys” sisterhood, honoring our Mother, “Pachamama”, offers natural and spiritual experiences that are appropriate for this search for our inner riches.

When speaking of the spiritual world and its effect in the terrestrial dimension many people try to understand it only from a philosophically rational stance which is a point of view that is appropriate to the Western culture; let us not forget that the energy in this land of Peru is that of “Pachamama” and “Wiraqocha” which implies a harmonious
development in all areas of life. We cannot propose a solid basis for a new age if we continue to follow practices that are appropriate to the time of the caved-wellers; we cannot continue to support a religious yoke that threatens the balanced development of all the Children of this planet.

The woman of the new age is she who would always protect Life and her paths will always be under the protection of the Earth Mother, our “Pachamama”. Groups of people and different associations raise the flag of ecology against a background of politics and power, justifying with their example the continued destruction of many parts of our land and the biodiversity of our surroundings.
Harmony in our lives ought to show itself in every moment, if we are insincere there will come a moment when we receive messages from nature that tell us we are following a dangerous path that sooner or later will threaten our wellbeing, manifesting as illness, pain and suffering, all typical of this earthly dimension; we are not perfect and to err is human, but to go against the current when we know better is to seek to harm ourselves.

The Children of the Sun in these Lands understood that they were Pachamama’s Children and they knew that what happened to her also happened to her Children; accordingly discipline, individual and social, served in ancient times to insure that each being might have a worthy and balanced life. In our time we have a variety of paths and many choices and from the choices Pachamama offers our sisterhood has chosen to serve our nations in ways we believe we have found to be correct:

First we try to help people through the means of natural food to reach a physical balance of health which will doubtless result in mental development and a parallel spiritual experience; along with this offering of natural food, we provide the services of our esoteric library which offers, through selected works covering various topics,
evidence of the spiritual path. Of course the literature is only a guideline for spiritual development since it will be through direct personal experience that each individual of good will has the opportunity to experience her own spiritual growth. To help others
achieve this, whenever possible we offer journeys throughout this sacred land of the Andes, always invoking the “Pachamama” as the Being of Substance and “Wiraqocha” as the Being of Illumination and the guide along our way.

Our plans do not stop there; we are working to build, not long from now, the “House of the Pilgrim” which will be the model of a community which will unite all the conditions of this time and rescue the millennial traditions of diverse peoples of the world; of course the Andean traditions will be the “hosts” since we are in the Land of “Pachamama”
and “Wiraqocha”. We are aware of a new rebirth of the Children of the Moon and the Sun and the coming of the new age will show a path of light and love to the great race of humanity.

We celebrate life in beautiful ceremonies, we honor Pachamama and the divine being. Join us in this magical path to release and work for a better world. We share experiences into the shamanic path and the Mother Earth is our guide and protector. We want the harmonious union between the male and female energies, come and join our magical journeys into the Andes.


In the warmest gaze
lies always endless emotions,
to which we surrender our self.
Lips find each other
and form part of the music
where tongues perform motions
in accordance with the intensity
of the beats of the heart.
A wave of love brings on desire, limitless desire.
It makes us rise and reach the summit of a high mountain.
The body trembles.
They seek each other more and more.
Garments torn in the yearning of living love.
In every point a freshness of feeling.
The willingness to always be.
Many caresses, touching, scents
feeding the desire to give oneself.
Continuous movements are a part of this dance
in which the dancer seeks his partner
not allowing her to escape.
Another world is entered.
Past harmonies and melodies do not invade the moment.
Breathing reaches a highest level.
We sail upon the same sea,
in the same vessel and with the same intention.
Bodies in unison of hunger to begin anew.
The insatiable thirst that never ends.
Permanence within the wild passion that joins two beings.
Brief movements. Bodies tremble
craving with desire to feel yet more ecstasy.
Reach orgasm in delirium.
Press together frenzied
and kiss flooded in love.
They are back in the world of always,
which at some point will perish.
Fire love. Passion that beckons.
Unconscious want, to give myself completely.
Sensation of life.
Wishing you in a world where we are both in one.
Surrounded in love.
I and you, you and I.


Sensations mix and mingle,
like clouds in the sky.
One song obscures another,
within a difficult concurrence of volumes.
An intenseness of taste,
reappears stronger,
and deletes what is past,
”that” which grounds and premise is lacking.
Already, a fault, a precious “lack” appears.
A want –this one touching and moving.
The need of finding,
moments such as that one
never forgotten.
At the bottom of it all we are together
and both together masters of the same gaze,
that carries meaning with it.
Emotions, doubts, desires.
We form part of a whole body,
which makes us wise
and belonging to a word,
many times difficult to voice,
but that feeds upon our blood
and our soul.
It brings us closer to our true “I,”
further purifying that which is the purest
in the human existence:

Let us allow Pachamama and the Spirit of Wiraqocha to bless our lives, let us open our hearts and expand their light to the hearts of those who think that love is not part of their lives. Let us ask for the protection and guidance of the Guardians of the Universe, who are our own guides, for the light to illuminate our world and peace to be manifest in all the creatures of the Earth. Let us always wish for and invoke that freedom radiates our Pachamama, for the Universal Mother to protect us, shelter us, and with affection show us the beauties of the life. Let us feel that her heart beats to the rhythm of the heart of the world and the Universe.

Life turns into more life.
We are the pulsation of the energies.
We are the Universal Love.

Thankful for existing, thankful for Life.
Thankful for the nourishment that we receive.

Thankful for loving us as your children.
Thankful for your protection.
Thankful for every moment.

Good journey of Light.
And remember to care for your heart.

In the silence, we leave behind the words.
That we no longer need.
In silence we can speak with a gaze.
In silence we speak with the eyes of the heart.

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